Web3 Is the Future of the Creator Economy

Web3 Is the Future of the Creator Economy

“Discussions of Web3 typically focus on user privacy, corporate transparency and data ownership. But it will also revolutionize another industry: the creator economy.”

There are also many solid critiques of the Web3 mania now. Here are two this week:

Great article on the limitations and problems of Web3

“Looking at many of the NFTs on popular marketplaces being sold for tens, hundreds, or millions of dollars, that URL often just points to some VPS running Apache somewhere. Anyone with access to that machine, anyone who buys that domain name in the future, or anyone who compromises that machine can change the image, title, description, etc for the NFT to whatever they’d like at any time (regardless of whether or not they “own” the token).”

Nobody Cares About Decentralization – They Just Want To Get Rich