Jade Bonacolta: 370k Followers in 9 Months

Jade Bonacolta has gained over 250k followers on LinkedIn alone last year. That audience has helped grow her newsletter to 50k+ subscribers. She achieved this growth while working a full-time job.

Growth in Reverse explains how she did it.

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Leveraging the LinkedIn Algorithm for Maximum Exposure

Detailed analysis into what works on LinkedIn.

Big Ideas:
► Less than 1% of people on LinkedIn publish a post once a month.
► 16% don’t publish, but engage with content.
► 60% consume content, but don’t engage with any content. 90% of your future customers are in this silent majority.
► Getting users to click the “See More” link is very important.
► The more comments you get and the more you respond to those comments, the more your post will get boosted by the algorithm.

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19k LinkedIn Followers in 1 Week

Alex Smith shares what’s working for him on LinkedIn. He went from 1k to 20k followers in 1 week.

Big Ideas:
1. Compounding Posts: Stack A-grade posts one after another.
2. Restful Copy: Design and writing that makes your eye rest on the content rather then try to read it.
3. Pleasure: You have to enjoy the process. He’s been publishing daily on LinkedIn for 6 months. It’s only recently that he’s had this breakthrough.

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How to Create Content on LinkedIn that actually gets engagement

Thomas Strider shares process for growing on LinkedIn. And achieving that growth the right way (in his opinion). The way that results in community, and people reaching out to inquire about your services.”

Big Ideas:
► What to do instead of engagement pods.
► What hooks work best.
► How to format your content.
► How to build authority.

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Chase Dimond: $10m+ per year from LinkedIn and Twitter

Lots of quality tactical information on Linkedin and getting more newsletter subscribers.

Big Ideas:
► Using multiple Linkedin pages to boost your Linkedin reach.
► Linkedin newsletters to drive subscribers.
► Posting 3x per day to increase the chance of going viral.
► Repurposing Twitter content to Linkedin.
► Why it’s important to have others boost your posts. (Engagement groups)
► Selling $60k work of courses with an automated email sequence.

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Use LinkedIn to Build Your Career Personal Brand, Not Twitter

If you’re making content to benefit your career, posting on a website that’s directly linked to your résumé/portfolio makes a whole lotta sense.

You’ll want it as close to your résumé/portfolio as possible. If I click on your Twitter handle, I’m taken to your profile to see your bio, maybe a link, and more tweets. But if I get curious when your LinkedIn post pops into my feed? Tapping your face takes me directly to your LinkedIn profile, which (hopefully) has your full work experience, a little about you, and a million reasons why you’re a bona fide candidate. It’s the shortest funnel you.

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The secret to building your business on LinkedIn and Twitter with Justin Welsh

The secret to building your business on LinkedIn and Twitter with Justin Welsh

There are many great insights in this interview with Jay Clouse. 

In the last couple of years, Justin Welsh has gained 250K followers on LinkedIn130k Twitter followers, and 35k email subscribers. He’s also sold millions of dollars of his two main courses.

Big Ideas:

Keep Courses Short
“How can I get people from point A to point B as fast as possible, as cheaply as possible. And for them to be able to finish a course in one sitting and say, I have enough information to go out and take some action and make my life better.”

Study Others
His early writing in 2018 was “cringe” so he started to study others who were popular on social media. He adapted that to make his own style, then one day he wrote about his morning routine and that exploded.

The Game of Business
Business is a multi-player game. You unlock levels and you figure out new things. The people who play business like a multi-player game, win.

Why Linkedin is the Best Platform
“I don’t care about being cool… I’m trying to build a business and Linkedin is a really good place to do it.”