Tori Dunlap: Building a 385k Subscriber Email List

Big Ideas:
► She grew her email list to hundreds of thousands with a quiz.
► TikTok was the primary driver to her growth.
► Her 6th TikTok video got her around 200k followers in a few days
► One quiz on TikTok grew her email list by 100k subscribers in 7 days.
► Tori is a master of getting PR. She has been on every major news outlet

How Miss Excel is Able to Have $100k Days Teaching Software Tutorials

How Miss Excel (Kat Norton) makes $2m per year selling courses on how to use Microsoft Excel.

Big Ideas:
► She gained a lot of attention by combining Excel and dancing on TikTok.
► Webinars are a big driver of course sales. One webinar generated $100k in sales in a single day.
► She recommends Instagram over TikTok because it converts better.

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$11m Chocolate Business on TikTok in 18 Months

“How do I build a product that lends itself to organically going viral.”

Great example of leveraging TikTok to sell an interesting product that is likely to get lots of traffic on social media.

1. Choose a product that is likely to go viral.
2. Use TikTok to test videos to find the first viral hit.
3. Retarget those viewers to close more sales.

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Dylan Lamey has 10m followers on TikTok, Now he’s starting his own ice cream shop

Dylan Lamey has 10m followers on TikTok, Now he's starting his own ice cream shop

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