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How Anna Daly Makes 50% of Her Revenue from Affiliates

“Most of Anna’s brand deals include an upfront component and an affiliate (sales-based) component. On an individual partnership level, the upfront payment is usually higher than the affiliate fee, but that doesn’t mean affiliates aren’t worthwhile.

Since affiliates tie into nearly every piece of content she puts out as a lifestyle Creator, Anna’s revenue is split evenly between brand deals and affiliate revenue.”

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Travel Blog to 20 Online Businesses

Doug interviews Will Hatton, of The Broke Backpacker.

Will took a travel blog and turned it into an empire of 20 online busineses making up to $100k per month. He started with a travel tour company, created his own hostels, promotes affiliate offers, and created his own product lines.

Check out the travel gear section to see some of the products they sell.

Big Idea: This is a great example of how to build a business around your content. Rather than relying on sponsors, create your own products and services to sell.

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How Niall Doherty makes $15k/month with Reviews of Online Courses

“He created a system for reviewing online courses that is completely one-of-a-kind because it is brutally honest and includes user-generated reviews. Today he’s taking home $15k/month, and he’s just getting started.”

Big Ideas:
Niall purchases and does comprehensive reviews of make-money online courses. This was a brilliant niche because:

► Comprehensive reviews drive search traffic. Most people check reviews before they purchase an expensive course and Niall has the best reviews.
► Make-money online courses pay generous affiliate commissions so the content
► Niall has rewards readers for submitting reviews, further adding to the content and quality of reviews.

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Multi-million dollar affiliate site portfolio of the now defunct Income Store

Multi-million dollar affiliate site portfolio of the now defunct Income Store
Legal court gavel on assorted cash

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How a Random Niche Generator Led a Husband and Wife Team to a Six-Figure Affiliate Site Exit

How a Random Niche Generator Led a Husband and Wife Team to a Six-Figure Affiliate Site Exit

I think niche affiliate sites like this are one of the best ways for creators to make a living online. 

“It took about 4 months to make our first dollar through Amazon Associates, but the growth snowballed from there. One year after buying the course and starting the site, it was making $2000 a month, which had been our initial goal.

At around the 18-month mark, the site was making $4 -$5K per month. I closed the painting business and went full-time online!”

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How To Buy And Sell Sites
Mushfiq discusses buying, selling, and building websites profitably. As a buyer, he discusses the criteria he uses when looking to purchase a website, the monetization methods he uses to predict growth potential and increase revenue, how he acquires sites, and the methods of negotiating as a buyer.

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Death To Affiliate Marketing

Death To Affiliate Marketing

Death To Affiliate Marketing

“The writing’s on the wall. It’s been there for years. Affiliate marketing is dying a slow and painful death. And I won’t be dragged down with it!

Before you freak out and start @ing me on Twitter, Affiliate marketing is dead to me. I’m no longer making it a priority in my business. And I want to share the reasons why.

Am I gonna remove all the affiliate links on my site? No. Am I going to prioritize other revenue streams that actually grow my business and don’t try to fuck me over? Yes.

So here is my latest business manifesto: why I think affiliate marketing is dying and what my strategy will be moving forward.