How to Make $100 Online in One Week

Justin Welsh offers a simple plan to earn your first $100 online quickly.

“What would I do if I needed to make $100 online in the next 7 days?

Step 1: Find and understand prospective customers
Step 2: Create a presale landing page + lead magnet
Step 3: Tweet & post about it
Step 4: Drop them in the funnel
Step 5: Measure everything
Step 6: Adjust”

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How to Launch a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend

Tim Ferriss and Noah Kagan have a great discussion on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. They offer many examples of what they did when they were starting.

Big Ideas:
► Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Try small challenges like asking for a discount on your coffee to get you in the habit of asking.
► Test your ideas before you invest a lot of time and money into them.
► Every successful entrepreneur has many failures. Try many things.

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If I Wanted to Become a Millionaire In 2024, This is What I’d Do

Alex Hormozi’s online business blueprint.

Ignore the clickbait title of this video. Hormozi offers some clear frameworks to build a successful online business. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Big Ideas:
► The market determines success. Find a hungry crowd.
► Formula for a $1m business: 1 avatar, 1 channel, 1 product.
► Focus on 100 inputs every day and don’t worry about the outcomes.

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Leveraging Your Audience for the Long-Term with Codie Sanchez

“Codie shares how to leverage your audience for profit in a sustainable way and why we should be buying businesses, not starting them.”

Inspiring interview on what it means to think big when growing your creator business.

Big Ideas:
► Focus on building your audience before you try selling things.
► Info products are a lousy business. It’s much better to buy a cash-flowing business.

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How Pat Walls Grew Starter Story Into a $1.1 Million Business

Chenell Basilio of Growth in Reverse breaks down how Starter Story grew to over 100k subscribers and now makes an estimated $96k per month.

Big Ideas:
► Standardized interview questions allow the site to publish over 1000 startup interviews every year
► SEO is the primary audience driver with over 1.4m monthly visits to the site.
► Pat does a lot of testing to find out what works

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What it takes to have a successful Kickstarter campaign

What it takes to have a successful Kickstarter campaign

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