Growth Tools Brilliant Giveaway Marketing

GrowthTools has a giveaway offering a shoutout to 230k entrepreneurs. Not only is this getting them huge numbers of email subscribers, but the entire promotion is designed to sell their coaching services. They offer a free consultation with a guarantee of $20k of sales in the next six months.


Signup and check out how the process works.

I think we’ll be seeing more of these types of giveaways.

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Justin Welsh: How to Use ‘Engagement Loops’ to Grow Your Brand & Business

Justin Welsh shares how he uses both his newsletter and social media to get more attention to his content.

► Create content with a specific newsletter issue (or article) in mind.
► Make sure each newsletter has embedded Tweets or other content.
► Make sure a large portion of your social content has links to newsletter issues.
► As long as you have these things in order, it’s pretty simple to arrange the pieces to put your readers in a engagement loop of wonderful content.

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The Magic of Pricing Tiers

Jay Clouse explains how to create different pricing tiers to encourage more sales.

“If you’re looking to quickly increase product revenue, consider adding a higher tier to your offerings. The simplest way to do that is to simply add a 1:1 coaching tier to any product – courses and membership products in particular are a a great fit.”

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