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David C. Baker Built a Million-Dollar Consulting Business Through His Newsletter

“You don’t need a big email list to have a highly successful business. Baker only has 13k Subscribers. He’s written six books, most recently “Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors.” He has his own publishing imprint, called RockBench. He leads big-ticket workshops, gives talks around the world, and runs a conference, called Mind Your Own Business.”

Big Idea:
You don’t need a big email list to have a highly successful business. Baker only has 13k Subscribers.

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How eBizFacts Made $306k Last Year

Niall Doherty makes more than $25k per month largely from comprehensive, honest reviews of make-money-online courses. His income comes mainly from affiliate commissions from people buying the classes.

It takes a lot of work to create detailed reviews like this, but it can be a lucrative creator opportunity. This can be done for other niches.

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This Man Can Make Anyone Go Viral (2.1 Billion Views in 10 Months)

Logan Forsyth helps his clients get hundreds of millions of views every month using short-form content.

Logan’s team posts more than 12,000 pieces of short-form content every month.

Big Ideas:
► Start with something that is working. Reaction videos or clips of already popular content do really well.
► He creates 5 to 10 accounts with slightly different names so he can post a lot more content for his clients.

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Best Online Business to Start as a Beginner (4 Simple Steps to $1m+ Per Year)

Why is it so difficult to succeed at dropshipping?
High start-up capital. You need a lot of money to test products and ad sets before finding a winner.

Why is it so difficult to succeed with info products?
Difficult fulfillment. It takes countless hours and extensive expertise to build a product people are willing to part with their money for.

Why is it so difficult to succeed at affiliate marketing?
Low (if any) profit margins. In the beginning, when you are still learning, the cost of running ads will leave very little room for profitability.”

The best online business to start is >>>>.

Hint: It’s not a newsletter!

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$2 Million with TikTok Shop Dropshipping

23-year-old Sebastian Esqueda made $2m last year drop shipping products in his TikTok Shop

This article reveals the exact business model to make money with TikTok Dropshipping. TikTok shop is brand new, so you’ll have to move quick to take full advantage.

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Nathan Latka: Turning Knowledge into a Money-Making Machine

“There’s a massive opportunity here for all you content creators out there. By curating and aggregating the key info from your media assets, you can create a cash cow of your own.”

This link doesn’t have a lot of details, but it’s worth digging deeper into.

Nathan Latka is a great example of how a creator can leverage content to create a large business.

Nathan interviews founders in his daily podcast to get specific financial details about their businesses. He then compiles this data into a database that he sells for $79 per month. The database is the valuable component here.

Nathan later started FounderPath which helps fund SaaS companies up to $3m based on their earnings.

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The Business Genius of Nathan Latka

TheyGotAcquired is also building out a database on acquired businesses in a similar way.

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Using Free Offers to Kickstart Your Creator Business

Big Idea: Talking to your readers and customers is the best way to understand them.

Nate Kadlac shares how he started with a free offer when he only had 56 subscribers.

“Weird and crazy ideas are fragile. Sharing them with friends and family will leave you questioning those ideas. My offer is a free 20-minute call so you can share your idea with me and leave encouraged to pursue it.”

“Many of the calls helped shape what Approachable Design is today, but back then, it was just a simple free offer I pitched on my personal website and newsletter.”

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