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Nathan Latka: Turning Knowledge into a Money-Making Machine

“There’s a massive opportunity here for all you content creators out there. By curating and aggregating the key info from your media assets, you can create a cash cow of your own.”

This link doesn’t have a lot of details, but it’s worth digging deeper into.

Nathan Latka is a great example of how a creator can leverage content to create a large business.

Nathan interviews founders in his daily podcast to get specific financial details about their businesses. He then compiles this data into a database that he sells for $79 per month. The database is the valuable component here.

Nathan later started FounderPath which helps fund SaaS companies up to $3m based on their earnings.

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TheyGotAcquired is also building out a database on acquired businesses in a similar way.

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Using Free Offers to Kickstart Your Creator Business

Big Idea: Talking to your readers and customers is the best way to understand them.

Nate Kadlac shares how he started with a free offer when he only had 56 subscribers.

“Weird and crazy ideas are fragile. Sharing them with friends and family will leave you questioning those ideas. My offer is a free 20-minute call so you can share your idea with me and leave encouraged to pursue it.”

“Many of the calls helped shape what Approachable Design is today, but back then, it was just a simple free offer I pitched on my personal website and newsletter.”

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Outside-The-Box Creator Business Models

Simon Owens provides examples of creators who’ve built thriving businesses off of their content.

Here is one example:

“Doug DeMuro is a 34-year-old car enthusiast who, in 2013, launched a YouTube channel where he mainly reviews cars. He eventually amassed over 4 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views on the channel.

For the first several years, he monetized the channel through traditional means, mainly advertising. But in 2020, he launched Cars & Bids, an online auction marketplace that makes it easy for people to sell their cars.
Earlier this year, he announced a $37 million VC investment from the Chernin Group. By then, the platform had generated over $200 million in sales.”

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