1.5 Million Followers in 18 Months

“Sheehan Quirke went from working at McDonald’s with 0 followers to over 1.5 million Twitter followers in 18 months.”

Chenell Basilio has a great deep dive into the phenomenal growth of The Cultural Tutor.

It’s fascinating to see how he was experimenting on X to find a content format that worked. 38 days in he had a post go mega viral.

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How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch with Clifton Sellers

Clifton Sellers has 343k followers on X. His ghostwriting agency currently has 21 clients.

Big Ideas:
►Clifton has been publishing on X every day for more than 3 years.
► He wrote a thread every day for 3 months. Many of those threads helped him add thousands of followers.
► “We have this list of 50 to a hundred people that we want our clients to engage with on a daily basis because that adds a prioritization in the algorithm and that’s on any platform that’s on LinkedIn or X.”
► The importance of having a good engagement group to comment on and share your social media content.
► Leveraging AI to create more social content.

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How to Build an Audience with Cultural Tutor

The Cultural Tutor has grown to 1.5m followers on Twitter in 1.5 years. Here is how he did it.

Big Ideas:
► How to hook the reader with content that only you can write.
► Don’t write for the algorithm. Write for yourself.
► When his Twitter account was small, he emailed everyone that engaged with him in the past to notify them of new threads.
► If you are going to make a claim, make it falsifiable. That will make it more interesting.

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Growing to 547k Followers in 3 Years

Harrison of @SaveYourSons grew his Twitter account to 547k followers in 3 years. Check out his posts to see what works.

Here is his advice on how to win on Twitter.

► You have to become obsessed with it.
► You need a network of people who are taking it just as seriously as you are.
► Then you need to pay attention to what other people are doing… take lessons from that and put it into your own content put your own spin on it.

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Clint Murphy on Getting to 329k Twitter Followers

Clint Murphy has grown to 329k Twitter followers and 11k newsletter subscribers.

This is a very high-production-value podcast. Check out the interview just to see it’s how it’s done.

Big Ideas:
► Wrote a thread a day for 75 days
► Started adding 20k follows per month
► His creator flywheel – Grow audience >> Get better guests >> Get more social traffic >> Grow audience
► Advice for new creators to get to 10k followers.

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Creator Flywheels: 5 Examples From Top Creators

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Sahil Bloom: 400k Subscribers in 36 Months

Growth in Reverse does a comprehensive deep dive into how Sahil Bloom grew to 944k Twitter followers and 400k newsletter subscribers.

“Sahil Bloom was working at a private equity firm when the fateful March 2020 hit.

Instead of working 70+ hour weeks and traveling all the time, he was suddenly at home with not much to do.

He had been sending out a monthly email to some close family and friends where he would share what he read that month, along with some takeaways.

I came across this old about page he had on his website, and the last line just strikes me as interesting.”

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