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Katelyn Bourgoin: Derisk your Launches By Pre-Selling with Free Email Courses

“We did a secret launch that drove $37,100.50 in sales. When I say “secret” what I mean is… – No social media promos – No pushy emails – No affiliates – No DMs – No ads And it worked. Sales came pouring in. So how did we do it?”

“You can derisk your launch by opening a secret backdoor to let folks in early. That’s what we did.

We created 2 free email courses:

► Un-ignorable Hooks
► Pre-sell Anything

People who signed up for these free email courses could access a secret sales page to enroll in the next cohort early.”

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Kieran Drew: The $100,000+ Launch Masterclass

Big Ideas:
► “One thing I have done over the past three years is I’ve been extremely committed to learning. Knowledge and skill were the two things that compound the most online. The better your ideas and the
better you communicate, the more opportunities you attract.”
► 2 years, not 2 months. Give it 2 years before you look at the results.
► “Distraction is the enemy. The more little things that you’re doing the less you can create.”

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$126,000 in Course Sales in 4 days.

“I just worked with a creator who made $126,000 in 4 days. 810 sale. 2 months of planning. First time building a course. (He’s only been on Twitter for 4 months) Here are the 6 simple steps we took to do a 6-figure launch.”

Ole Lehmann of AI Solopreneur had a phenomenal first launch. The big take away for me is that he was smart enough to hire 2 professionals to help. Virgil Brewster helped with the course and Jeff Felten helped with the email launch sequence.

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Kieran Drew’s $142,000 Course Launch

With 30k newsletter subscribers and 175K Twitter followers, Keiran Drew did $142k in course sales in 4 days. He shares his advice in this interview with Jay Clouse.

“Get going, then get good.”
One point that I’ve echoed to a few people that have asked is when they said, you know, how did you do this 6 figure launch was it’s because I’ve done it before with the first product. And people kinda don’t appreciate that… You you were looking at a 6 figure launch, but you haven’t launched the first one.”

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Wes Kao: The Dos and Don’t of Online Courses

Wes Kao is the co-founder of the Maven class platform and worked with Seth Godin to create the altMBA co-cohort based course.

Big Ideas:
► “Build a spiky point of view – an unique perspective that others may disagree with.”
► Selling your course without an initial audience.
► How to make your course interesting.

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My Learnings & Mistakes as an Online Course Creator

Kevon Chung shares his journey starting from zero to earning more than $10k from each of his cohort-based courses.

“It took me 31 months to go from being a nobody online to now consistently running $10,000+ cohorts. How did all this happen?

This is likely a surprise to you: when I first started out in Nov 2020, I wasn’t even thinking about building online courses. The thought only came when I had to start monetizing what I had. And as a content creator, it was natural for me to structure my knowledge into a learning experience for people, so that was where I went.”

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