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The 3 Products You Need to Have a Successful Creator Business

Here are the 3 Products:

► Free Products: Monetized via ads and affiliate deals
► Frontend Products: Low-cost (typically $50-$100 max)
► Backend Products: Typically start around $500 and can go up to the many thousands of dollars.

“Free sells the frontend, frontend sells the back,” James told me. “Backend’s typically where you make all your money. Frontend either loses money or breaks even.”

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SecondBrain’s CMO on Selling $1M+ in Courses

A look behind the scenes of Tiago Forte’s multi-million dollar course business.

Big Ideas:
► Courses are never finished. You will always be improving them. For the first version, just get started.
► The fastest way to get started is to teach your course live so you can get immediate feedback.
► Leverage partnerships for growth.
► The free Second Brain Summit drives lots of traffic every year.

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How to Drastically Improve Your Online Course

Omar Zenhom of The $100MBA offers advice on making a great course.

Big Ideas:
► Have a compelling outcome. Think transformation. What will your customers achieve at the end of the course?
► Live interaction. People need to know they are on the right track. Have a way to provide feedback. This will also provide better results for students.
► Prove you can teach. Have a sales video on your course page that shows something from the course.

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Katelyn Bourgoin: Derisk your Launches By Pre-Selling with Free Email Courses

“We did a secret launch that drove $37,100.50 in sales. When I say “secret” what I mean is… – No social media promos – No pushy emails – No affiliates – No DMs – No ads And it worked. Sales came pouring in. So how did we do it?”

“You can derisk your launch by opening a secret backdoor to let folks in early. That’s what we did.

We created 2 free email courses:

► Un-ignorable Hooks
► Pre-sell Anything

People who signed up for these free email courses could access a secret sales page to enroll in the next cohort early.”

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