Steven Pressfield: Every Story Needs a Villain

David Perrell has a great interview with author Steven Pressfield.

Big Ideas:
► Mindset is everything. Writing is 10 times harder than you think. The resistance is real.
► There’s always a villain, even in non-fiction.
► The female carries the mystery. What is the female in the story?
► Make your heros suffer. That is how they learn and overcome it.
► The more you love to do something, the more resistance you will feel. You just need to press through it.

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Dan Koe: How To Make $1 Million A Year As A Digital Writer

“This is a long-term game.

The sooner you accept that the sooner you will get results, because the quickest fix is the longest path.”

Big Ideas:
► Use writing to build a readership (that grows infinitely with the internet if you know how to improve when you hit a stunt in growth).
► Build a product that your readers want (and if it doesn’t sell, that’s not on them, it’s on you. Create a better product and try again).
► Stick it out for multiple years if not the rest of your life.

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How a Marketing Pro Uses Kindle For Lead Gen

Big Idea:
Leverage Amazon to get more subscribers.

Miles Becker publishes short Kindle books to grow his email list.

“He believes there are people searching relevant keywords in his niche on Amazon, who have likely never heard of him before. By having a book listed on Amazon, he can tap into this new audience and get his content in front of them.”

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The Cultural Tutor: Growing to 1.5m Followers on Twitter

In 15 months, The Cultural Tutor grew to 1.5 million followers on Twitter. He started the account as a way to attract students to tutor.

After, struggling to monetize, David Perell became his patron so the anonymous writer could focus on writing full-time.

Big Ideas:
► Writing online can be a massive opportunity engine.
► You don’t have to have your business model figured out in advance. Good writing in itself can be enough.

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12 Lessons From “So Good They Call You A Fake”

Joshua Lisec is one of the best ghostwriters in the world. He’s ghostwritten 80+ books for CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Here are 12 key lessons from his book “So Good They Call You A Fake”

Big Ideas:

► “If you want to be successful in business, and if you want to accelerate your authority, you need a book.”
► “Your book is the absolute best salesperson for your brand, working while you sleep to find, vet, and seal the deal on opportunities you didn’t even know about until they were all yours.”
► “You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less.”

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