6 Genius Business Tactics of Millionaire Authors

Big Ideas:
► Author Ryan Holiday makes more money selling stoic merchandise than he does from book royalties.
► James Paterson is averaging 7 books per year by using co-authors for his books. He’s made $800m over the last 20 years.
► James Carr promotes products in his book, then sells them on his website.
► Steve Rinella sells $100m worth of products built off his books and website. Sam Parr thinks this will be a $1b business.
► Eric Jorgenson wrote 2 popular books based off the tweets of Naval Ravikant.
► James Clear of Atomic Habits released a habits app in partnership with Andrew Wilkinson of Tiny Capital.

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How Jordan Peterson Makes Money

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Unlocking A Bestseller: Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan

Charlie Hoehn explains what really went into making Noah Kagan’s book a bestseller.

Big Ideas:
► The book was 13 years in the making.
► The idea was first validated back in 2011 with an article on Tim Ferriss’s blog.
► Why Charlie predicts the book will sell a million copies over the next decade.

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Million Dollar Weekend: How to Launch a Book

You probably heard about Noah Kagan’s Million Dollar Weekend book a million times by now. Blake Emal explains how Noah Kagan promoted it. This is a great case study into how to launch a new product.

Big Idea:
Who you know is critical. Always be working on your connections.

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April Dunford: How self-publishing a book exploded her client service business

April spent the first 25 years of her career as a startup executive running marketing, product, and sales teams. During that journey, April positioned, repositioned, and launched 16 different products.

Today, April is a business owner. She’s an independent consultant, and she’s worked with more than 100 early and growth-stage startups to help them position their products.

April Dunford explains how her self-published book was a game changer for her consulting business.

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How April Dunford Built a 7-Figure Solo Consulting Biz

In today’s episode, you will learn how the most charismatic and no-nonsense consultant in the tech marketing space has built a 7-figure business, flying solo. The story goes like this.

Big Ideas:
► The importance of really niching down.
► How writing a book can transform your business.

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Tiago Forte: How Much do Authors Make from 100k Book Sales

Big Idea: Publishing a book can be a great business card.

Tiago Forte of Build Your Second Brain explains the revenues and expenses for his popular book.

► $478k in advances.
► $509k in costs to make it a best-seller.

He lost money on the book, but it helped with course sales.

“Since our email newsletter is our main sales channel, this corresponds to roughly $720,000 in course sales if we assume those people purchase in typical numbers. So by that measure, the revenue associated with this book rises from $478,000 to about $1.2 million in total. Which means we’ve already broken even on the endeavor and profited almost $200,000 before even starting to receive royalties.”

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Steven Pressfield on The Artist’s Journey, the Wisdom of Little Successes, Shadow Careers, and The Resistance

Steven Pressfield on The Artist’s Journey, the Wisdom of Little Successes, Shadow Careers, and The Resistance

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