Creator Economy

How Josh Spector is Growing His Creator Business

On this episode of Creator Heist, we interview Josh Spector, mastermind behind the FTI newsletter with over 40,000 subscribers. Here’s what we are stealing:

– Tactics Josh uses to grow his newsletter audience
– Josh’s “content library” approach to create evergreen content
– How Josh repurposes content across platforms
– Josh’s skill sessions offering, the changes he is making to the pricing and delivery model, and his reasons behind it.
– Positioning your expertise and targeting the right audience as your business matures.

Big Ideas:
► Curation is a great way to start as a creator, but you need original content to grow.
► The flywheel of sharing social posts in his newsletter.
► How Josh repurposes his best content for continual growth.
► The business model behind his skill sessions.

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How Writing Online Will Make You A Millionaire

Ali Abdaal interviews ConvertKit founder, Nathan Barry.

Big Ideas:
► Making money is a skill. You get better with practice.
► Writing 1000 words a day for 600 days built his entire career.
► Nathan’s 3 mantras: Create every day, Teach everything you know, Work in public.

Big Idea: It can be very valuable to share the process of building your creator business.

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Growing from $2m to $10m

Nathan Barry of ConvertKit consults Tiago Forte on how to grow his Building A Second Brain business.

Big Ideas:
There are many great examples here of how to think about growing a creator business and why selling recurring products is key.

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Josh Spector: Simplify Your Steps To Start Creating Online

Josh offers great advice for all creators on the Just Get Started Podcast.

Creating in public is an opportunity engine!

“I’m such a big proponent of creating stuff and doing stuff and
putting it out there because each of those things are opportunities…

Any tweet might lead to a reply or get on the radar of one person who might change your life it might form one relationship that changes your life.”

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The Importance of Creator Masterminds

Patrick Rambles started his YouTube channel in April 2020 and now has 117K subscribers.

(Start listening at 8:45 to avoid the long introduction.)

Big Ideas:
► Joining a group of creators to share ideas and promote each other is an important growth lever. Mr Beast also talks about the importance of working with other creators at the same level as you.
► Patrick also offers advice on how to monetize your YouTube channel at different subscriber levels.

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Billion Dollar Creator

Nathan Barry and Rachel Rodgers talk about Nathan’s famous Billion Dollar Creator article.

The Billion Dollar Creator

Big Ideas:

► Build more than a personal brand. Disconnect what you sell from your personal brand.
► Sell products, not attention.
► Drive higher customer value through recurring purchases.
► Choose a better business model. Not every idea is scalable.

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