Creator Economy

The Importance of Creator Masterminds

Patrick Rambles started his YouTube channel in April 2020 and now has 117K subscribers.

(Start listening at 8:45 to avoid the long introduction.)

Big Ideas:
► Joining a group of creators to share ideas and promote each other is an important growth lever. Mr Beast also talks about the importance of working with other creators at the same level as you.
► Patrick also offers advice on how to monetize your YouTube channel at different subscriber levels.

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Billion Dollar Creator

Nathan Barry and Rachel Rodgers talk about Nathan’s famous Billion Dollar Creator article.

The Billion Dollar Creator

Big Ideas:

► Build more than a personal brand. Disconnect what you sell from your personal brand.
► Sell products, not attention.
► Drive higher customer value through recurring purchases.
► Choose a better business model. Not every idea is scalable.

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Alex Mathers: Making 6 Figures as a Content Creator

Alex Mathers has grown to over 114k Twitter followers in less than 2 years.

His advice: “Try different things, follow your curiosity. Don’t necessarily say this is how things are going to be. I’m going to follow this route. Allow yourself to bend, and flex a little bit. And try different platforms, try different tools, get a sense for what you’re good at. Get a sense for what works, throw stuff at the wall. See what sticks. You want to be in an experimental phase throughout, but especially in the early phase.”

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Sahil Bloom: Turn Your Costs into Profits

Nathan Barry and Sahil Bloom have a great conversation on how to become a successful creator.

► How Sahil first grew on Twitter and what he recommends now.
► Turn your costs into profits by creating an agency around the most expensive services you hire. Sahil is part owner in over 10 agencies now that he promotes in his newsletter.
► Focus on real human connections because all the base stuff will become commoditized.

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How Chase Dimond Built a Social Media Empire Worth Millions

Chase Dimond gets it. He’s driven hundreds of millions of dollars for a wide range of brands with his content strategy. But even better, he’s very open about what he does, and how he does it.

Big Ideas:
► 37k subscribers with a micro website.
► Building a media company instead of his personal brand.
► Posting a minimum of 3 times per day – in order to have viral posts, you need to make a lot of them.

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What Happened to the Creator Economy?

This is a negative take on the Creator Economy, but I’m still bullish. It’s not easy, but there has never been a better time to be a creator!

“A small business in general is a shitty business. 65% fail in the first 10 years in the U.S.

A media company is also a shitty investment. Media stocks had their worst decline in 30 years in 2022.

A creator is a small business that is also a media company (aka shit squared).”

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There Will Never be a Creator Middle Class and Why That’s Good

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Jay Clouse: The Power of Experimentation

“This is what the best creators in the world are doing. They’re constantly running small, controlled experiments in order to learn how they can influence outcomes.

Controlled experiments mean changing one variable at a time in order to determine what variables actually influence the outcome.”

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