Subscribe to everything, own nothing

Subscribe to everything, own nothing

“A transient lifestyle could be well-suited to uncertain times.”

“Furniture subscriptions, in particular, have gone up in popularity recently due to a large swath of the population suddenly working from home.”

This article has some great examples on the shift away from ownership. We don’t need to own cars with services like Uber and Lyft. Short-term rentals can be found on AirBnB. We don’t need offices because of co-working spaces. We can now subscribe to software, monthly retail boxes, clothing, and even furniture. Most of these ideas would be impossible to imagine a decade ago.

Business Opportunities: Exploring the extremes of trends like this can help you discover new opportunities. With the rise of remote work and digital nomads, there will be home office equipment rentals, corporate retreat rentals, outsourced tech support, etc.

More homeschooling will lead to children’s toy subscriptions, learning materials, etc.

I have an idea for subscription websites. Outsource all the design, edits, and maintenance for a monthly fee. It would take away all the hassles of building, editing, and backing up your website.

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