Master Essential Startup Skills

Master Essential Startup Skills

Here is a selection of the best links I’ve found to level up your founder skills. I recommend focusing on one or two links a week to constantly and systematically get better at growing your business.

Top 2021 Marketing Strategies– Noah Kagan

This Cold Email Template Minted Its Creator Over $100 Million a Year – Tim Denning

7 lessons from people that taught me more than any business/marketing class I’ve ever taken – Alex Garcia

Site Speed Optimization in 2021: The Definitive Guide – DiggityMarketing

How To Create Engagement And Drive Traffic From Instagram – EvergreenProfits

14 tips for optimizing your business blog articles for conversions – ImpactPlus

7 subject line hacks for more opens – Welly Mulia

Fixing Zoom calls: Looking better and feeling better – Seth Godin

10 Guaranteed Tips to Become an Online Networking Pro – ScienceofPeople

What is Inbound Marketing? A Beginner’s Guide – ahrefs