Winning with Twitter and Writing for the Web with David Perell

Winning with Twitter and Writing for the Web with David Perell
Big Idea: David Perell is a perfect case study of what it takes to be successful in the IdeaEconomy.

David Perell, of the popular Writes of Passage cohort-based writing course, shares how he got started and what it takes to build a large following on Twitter.

Perell now has over 196k followers on Twitter and his course is a 7-figure-per-year business.

“So the first thing you do is you take a part of the world that you’re interested in, and you just start reading about it. And you say, ‘I’m gonna write about this every single week, some article here, some article there’. And when you start off, your writing won’t be good…

And as you do, you’re going to then attract all the world’s experts in that niche. And so what you do is you kickstart this virtuous cycle for yourself, where the better quality ideas get higher quality people, then you get higher quality feedback, higher quality information flow, which gets you to better ideas, and you then build an audience doing that…

The third step that you do is you start a business to go solve that problem.”

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