Why Free Books Can Outearn Publishing Deals: A New Strategy for Authors

Charlie Hoehn explains why creators should publish books even if they don’t expect to sell a lot of copies.

“The Real Path to Riches With Your Book

I know two of the top selling nonfiction authors in the world. They’ve both sold over 10 million copies of their books. They are both traditionally published.

Do you want to know how they’ve made the most money from their books?

(Hint: It’s NOT from book sales.)

By getting equity in startups.

Because of their books, they were offered advisory roles and small percentages of fast-growing businesses, in exchange for helping those startups with their marketing.

The founders and CEO’s of these companies gave them this equity for a simple reason:

“I liked your book! You seem really great at what you do. Can you help us?”

THAT is how you get rich with a book.”

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