Using Multiple Social Media Accounts to Get Attention

“One of the great ironies of trend analysis is that by the time someone understands it enough to teach another person, something new is already gaining ground.

My goal with these deep dives is only partly to help you see what’s working right now. A bigger part is for you to learn how to see what’s next for yourself.

This multi-account strategy will help you grow. But recognizing how this entry fits into the larger thread of digital identity will help you last.”

Big Ideas:
► “We massively underestimate the quantity of content needed to grow and massively overestimate the quality that content needs to have.”
► “To a degree, we’re all playing a game of volume. We can get there in a variety of ways: new content, repurposed, distribution advantages, etc. But at the end of the day, whoever is seen the most will make the most.”
► “If you had to 10x the amount of content you publish weekly, how would your approach need to change to make that possible?”

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