Guide to Lead Generation Guide to Lead Generation

Lead generation is covered on this week’s edition of Dru Riley’s Trends report. There are dozens of links related to helping your business get more sales. I recommend giving it a quick browse to see if anything jumps out at you.

Business Opportunity: One great idea I discovered is subscribing to lists of newly funded companies on CyberLeads or GrowthList.

These companies sell a weekly list of newly funded companies that have lots of cash and need to grow their businesses. This is a great opportunity to sell content marketing, advertising, SEO,  development, etc. to startups that need it.

There are business opportunities compiling this data for different industries, as well. Nathan Latka does this for Saas companies. He does a daily interview show where he gets sales and growth data from CEOs. Then he sells print reports of all this data to companies for $30 per month. I believe he said he has more than 1000 subscribers for his magazine. This idea can be done for almost any industry.

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