The Simplest Ideas Win – Earning $1m+ Writing Business Slogans

The Simplest Ideas Win - Earning $1m+ Writing Business Slogans

The simplest business ideas are often the best because they are easy to communicate and the value to purchasers is clear with minimal risk. Here is a great example: Sucantre and his wife offer a business slogan writing service on Fiverr. They have over 8500 reviews for this service alone. It says they have 15,000 customers on the profile. The minimum price is about US$100. Even if they heavily discounted in the early days, it’s a reasonable guess that they have earned a million dollars on Fiverr. The basic $100 service is 8 slogan options in 3 days with 1 revision. The $150 premium service is 18 slogans. What is the simplest business you can create? It’s interesting to browse around Fiverr to see what businesses are succeeding. Starting a new marketing agency is difficult. Becoming an expert on writing business slogans and creating a business around it is much more focused and doable.

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