The Power of the Right Idea at the Right Time

The Power of the Right Idea at the Right Time

Must Read: Never underestimate the power of having the right idea at the right time. This story epitomizes the value of product/market fitLaunchMBA has gone from zero to over $3000 in 6 weeks from a Twitter thread. The basic idea is to join a community to help you launch 12 startups in 12 months. The first 20 members paid $99, after that it’s $499. It’s a simple, yet brilliant idea that has gotten lots of promotion online.

It’s takes trending ideas like the “no code” and “open startup” movements and it combines it with Pieter Levels’s 12 Startups, 12 Months project that received a lot of press. Add in a great name that effectively communicates the idea, “LaunchMBA” and it’s a recipe for virality. If any of these startups in the first cohort start making serious money, I can see this community getting very big. Multiple newsletters have promoted the venture already so the idea definitely has traction. I love it!

Business Opportunity: What trending ideas can you mash together for a new business? Make sure you keep up with what is new and take the time to step back and think how the ideas can be combined.

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