The Marketing Genius of Harry Dry

The Marketing Genius of Harry Dry

One of my favorite newsletters is MarketingExamples by Harry Dry. The simple format with lots of image examples make it easy to read and always provides many actionable ideas. His newsletter has just passed 27,500 subscribers  and is growing at more than 100 per day.

Harry got a lot of buzz by promoting a dating site for Kanye West fans and renting billboards asking Kanye to call him. He has since been featured in The Hustle’s Trends community and mentioned by Noah Kagan in his recent networking video.

Harry is active on IndieHackers and does a great job with his Twitter threads, but I’m most impressed with the quality of his MarketingExamples posts. It’s clear that a lot of work goes into every issue.

Check out his recent “Copywriting Examples. The world’s best copy. In one place.” I can imagine how many hours went into a comprehensive resource like this.

What’s more impressive is that Harry reached out to me to get a backlink for that page. Not only is he producing amazing content, he’s investing the time to promote and rank in search. This is how you succeed online. 

Business Lessons:  The publicity stunt was interesting and got some press, but I think the real lesson is that good ideas, executed well, win. The MarketingExamples newsletter has a great name, simple format and the content is very actionable. That is a winning formula. I definitely need to work on clarifying my focus for this IdeaEconomy newsletter.

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