The man who has created 100+ pointless inventions

The man who has created 100+ pointless inventions

“What happened when one entrepreneur decided to share all of his crazy, rejected product ideas with the world.” Matty Benedetto has invented hundreds of largely useless inventions. His notoriety has earned him 555k Instagram followers and another 55k on YouTube. His typical invention costs less than $20 in 3D printer filament and 2 or 3 days to design.

Business Lessons: 

1. Prototyping new products is probably easier and faster than you might think, particularly if you do a lot of them.
2. Do interesting things if you want people to be interested in you. Taking it to the extreme like creating hundreds of pointless inventions can generate publicity and fans. The fact that sites like The Hustle are promoting Matty Benedetto proves that it works.
3. I’ve recently written about doing 100 projects in 100 days, or 12 Startups in 12 Months. Those are stories that people want to share. What can you do that will be of interest to others?

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