Stop Being a Wantrepreneur

Stop Being a Wantrepreneur

Here is a post suggesting that less that 1% of members of IndieHackers make more than $2k per month in revenue. While the validity of that data can be questioned, it is likely that most people haven’t started a business yet.

CJ Casciotta has a related article on the “Squarespace Fallacy,“ which is the misleading promise that “A beautiful website can turn your idea into a reality.” New entrepreneurs spend so much time on superficial things like designing logos, printing business cards, designing a website, and not enough on hustling to get customers.

CJ writes,

“In reality, a beautiful website, the perfect domain, or copy that’s “tweaked-to-death” do little if nothing to turn your business into a reality. There is no magic cloud poof that happens once you “go live.”

Check out the Doopool article above if you need more convincing. 4 days to create a MVP and doing cold outreach to generate sales is what is needed to grow a business.

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