Shaan Puri on Building Companies & Riding Trends

Shaan Puri on Building Companies & Riding Trends

Must Listen: Shaan Puri, Director of Product at Twitch and co-host of My First Million podcast has a great conversation on The Pomp podcast. There are many valuable business ideas introduced here. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Why you shouldn’t start an IdeaLab, most fail.
  • What it takes to sell a company.
  • Project selection is more important than working hard.
  • Why working like a lion is better than working like a cow.
  • The big story with remote work is that we are all going to be facing global competition for jobs. Companies will be the big winners, expensive employees will lose.
  • The opportunity for influencers to create their own companies rather than promote other products.
  • How Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano built his large following so quickly.

Here of some of the business ideas they think would work.

  • text messaged romantic novels,
  • business headlines email,
  • beautiful bibles,
  • convert break-even SaaS companies to no-code tools to lower maintenance costs,
  • WeWork for warehouses.

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