See What’s Possible with SEO : Successful Link Building Outreach

Building backlinks to your content is critical to getting found in search engines. If you are not ranking well, you are essentially invisible online. I highly recommend this 3-part series from Ahrefs because they demonstrate what is possible with tools like Ahrefs,, website scraping, automation, etc.

This is part two of the series from Ahrefs, it covers how they do outreach to build backlinks. Even if you are not interested in SEO now, it is important to understand what is possible when you have the skillset. The first video was how to write a post designed to get backlinks. This video is focused on finding and emailing the right sites to try to get backlinks. They generated dozens of high-quality backlinks to the statistics post they created in the first video. That is massive, by the way. That many links to most content would get you ranking high in search engines.

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