Peak Competition in Online Retail

Peak Competition in Online Retail

The NotBoring newsletter has a comprehensive analysis of online retail. It’s easier than ever to sell online, but more competitive to attract customers. While DTC (Direct to Consumer) companies battle it out online, companies like Shopify and Amazon are the big winners. “Now that nearly every piece of the value chain has become modularized, the battle has concentrated in one place: marketing, via paid acquisition and brand, the only moat for the vast majority of brands.”

Mattress company, Casper is losing $349 for every mattress they sell. They have no choice to spend money to acquire customers. “Ultimately, when everyone is armed with the same tools, differentiation, brand, and audience/community matter for DTC brands more than ever.”

Business Opportunity: In highly competitive, oversaturated markets, curation becomes more important. Chase Reeves bag reviews from yesterday’s newsletter is a great example.

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