Master Essential Startup Skills

Master Essential Startup Skills

Here are a selection of the best links I’ve found to level up your founder skills. I recommend focusing on one or two links a week to constantly and systematically get better at growing your business.

The top 7 ways to come up with great Twitter thread ideas. – @HeyBlake

How to Become Insanely Well-Connected – FirstRound

The SEO Checklist – How to Fix All of Your SEO Errors Using UberSuggest – Neil Patel

What it’s like to run a campaign on AppSumo. – Eve Shalenko

Cool visual tool to find related subreddits to find your niche audience. –

Gong’s LinkedIn Strategy: Breaking Through Social Media Noise – Foundation Inc.

7 Steps to Create Your First Online Challenge – Digital Marketer via @ForTheInterested

Pricing Psychology: how to improve the pricing of your product or service – Nick Kolenda

The Keyword Research Master Guide –

Why $.10 Will Make You a Better Writer – David Perell