January 25, 2023

Working on a project of your own is as different from ordinary work as skating is from walking. It’s more fun, but also much more productive.

–  Paul Graham


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Mariah Coz On Selling High-Priced Courses

Jay Clouse has an interesting conversation with Mariah Coz on high-priced courses.

Big Ideas
► Selling high ticket courses without sales calls
► Why she does evergreen courses instead of periodic launches
► Selling without making free content

Dakota Robertson – 6 Figure Ghost Writer

Chris Do interviews Dakota Robertson on his ghostwriting business. He has charged $25k to get clients 50,000 followers in 2 months. He now charges $7k per month.

Big Idea:
Paying for retweets is a faster way to growth.

via @fiveminutemonday

Tiago Forte: How to Double your Brain Power

“Tiago Forte, Founder of Forte Labs and author of “Building A Second Brain,” discusses how to do creative work in a world of information overload.

Short, yet powerful video on the importance of digital note-taking to track what surprises you.

Big Idea:
Building a second brain is critical for creators to track their ideas.

The Anatomy of a Six-Figure Email Course

Brennan Dunn shares how his sales funnel starts will a free email course to direct subscribers to his paid course.

“I’m going to share the thought process that went into me thinking, “I want to reliably put money in and get money out,” and what I ended up trying — complete with examples and results. I’ll tell you about what worked and what didn’t, and I’ll show you all the juicy statistics I’ve accumulated along the way. This is a story of the messy path to building the business one wants.”

via @creativeelements

A Simple Way to Build an Evergreen Content Library.

“There’s a simple way to build a content library without having to create new content forever. Just do this: 1. Pick a specific audience you want to help accomplish a specific goal 2. Write a list of 30 things they need to do to accomplish it.”

Big Idea: Rather than publishing content every week, create evergreen content that users can progress through. Consistently publishing content for the sake of publishing not the most efficient use of time. See the Mariah Coz interview above.

Katelyn Bourgoin’s Newsletter OS – Free Coda Templates

Katelyn Bourgoin shares the Coda templates she uses to organize her creator business.

Big Idea: Structured systems like this make it easier to grow your audience, manage sponsors, save content ideas, etc. Notion seems to be the most popular platform, but Coda is similar.

via @notanewsletter

The 8 Fastest Ways to Build Your Email List in 2023

8 high-quality strategies to help you grow your email list.

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