Local Newsletters are Big Business

Local Newsletters are Big Business

Andrew Wilkinson is the founder of Tiny Capital, a type of holding company that owns dozens of businesses of all sizes. He buys up companies and puts in a good CEO to run them. That is an interesting story in itself. However, this Twitter thread is about the local news newsletter he started in Victoria, Canada.

The newsletter now has 40k subscribers in a town with a population of 367k. 

“We cut out all the legacy costs of a news business. No printing press. No office. Cheap software (Mailchimp/Webflow).”

“Most importantly: we used cheap digital advertising to build up our audience. We spent about $200k on Facebook and Instagram with almost zero competition.”

Business Opportunity: These local newsletters will be started all over the world. Some company is going to buy many of these newsletters to roll them into a large company. There is a good opportunity to build and sell a business in a relatively short time.

via stackedmarketer.com

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