How Khe Hy built a $500k creator business

Khe Hy's $500k creator business

How Khe Hy built a $500k creator business

“Learn how creator Khe Hy left a job on Wall Street to find fulfillment – and turned a 36-person email list into a $500k creator business along the way.”

“RadReads started as an email Khe sent to 36 people while on vacation from his Wall Street job. He’s gone from those 36 people to an email list of 31,000 — and has brought in over $500k on Podia in the last 18 months.

Today, Khe works with a team to keep growing and reach more people with his message. His cohort-based course, Supercharge Your Productivity , opens three times a year (over 550 people have enrolled). He also offers business consulting through The Rad Studio and is building a community for his students and alumni. He’s been a full-time creator for seven years.”

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