Keep Up With Business Trends with Dru Riley

Keep Up With Business Trends with Dru Riley

This is a great time to introduce Dru Riley of On August 11, Dru’s Trends newsletter hit the #1 spot on product hunt. Since starting the newsletter six months ago, Dru is reporting more than 7k subscribers and 200 premium members. Dru was hinting that price of the newsletter will be increasing soon, so this is a great time to subscribe.

I love business ideas with a simple value proposition like the Trends newsletter. It’s a weekly email of key business trends. It is easy to understand and communicate.  The best ideas are always simple.

At the same time, Dru has written about how he has gone 3 years without income and only recently starting earning money from the newsletter. Like most business success stories, a lot of hard work, sacrifice and trial and error went into getting to this stage.

Dru has covered topics like Paid NewslettersGrowth Tools, and Online Courses. Browse through those links to see what the free version of the newsletter is about.

The newsletters are a quick skim, yet there are many links to relevant companies and links for more information if necessary.

If you want to connect with a rising star in the IndieHacker space, follow Dru Riley on Twitter and IndieHackers. He is definitely an entrepreneur to watch.

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