What it really means to be a creator and to play the ‘creator game’

John Bardos - Creator Game

What it really means to be a creator and to ‘play the creator game

I was interviewed by Ellen Donnelly of The Ask newsletter about my creator journey. I talk about some of my first websites, my digital nomad lifestyle, my other businesses, and the benefits of creating online. 

“There was so much skill development because if you’re working online you have to know about SEO, development, design etc. These became transferrable skills I could apply to a marketing business I ran for four years.

Any business with an online presence can benefit from the skills of the creator game. Whether that’s creating backlinks to your content, or connecting with others in the space.

To me, a big part of the greater game is about building connections with interesting people. No one is your competitor online. I believe that generosity gets reciprocated over time. I try to create as much value for others as I can.”

Here is the link to my Succeeding at the Creator Game article.