January 4, 2023

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

–  Karen Lamb

How to Become a Professional Creator

Jay Clouse on: “I’ve taken my years of creator science and distilled them into a simple 5-part framework for becoming a professional creator.”

► Purpose
► Attention
► Revenue Model
► Trust
► Systems

Dru Riley: 500k yr Business in Less Than 3 Years

Dru Riley is the founder of Trends.vc, a newsletter of business reports and a premium community.

GrowthinReverse analyzes how Dru built his business.

Big Ideas:
► Optimizing the homepage improved conversions to more than 45%.
► After extensive networking and building in public, his first Product Hunt launch added 18k subscribers.

Justin Moore: Get More Sponsorships for More Money

“To really make yourself attractive to sponsors, you have to start with what they need — not with what you’re willing to offer.”

Illustrators Are Pissed At An AI-Created Kid’s Book

This children’s book was written and illustrated with artificial intelligence tools.

AI is changing what it means to be a creator.

via @ebizfacts

Daniel Wall: 850 Million Views With This Viral Framework

“You’ll learn the most important ingredients to short-form success, Daniel’s framework for making attention-grabbing videos, the full process he goes through to make a video on TikTok, and why he believes storytelling is more important than anything else.”

Mario Gabriele: 300k with 60k Subscribers

“The Generalist started out as a side project in 2019, but quickly turned into a full-fledged business making more than $300k per year.”

Big Ideas:
► Quality long-form content is an important differentiator and brings SEO traffic
► Paid community > Paid newsletter
► Content collaborations for growth
► Connect members of your community to each other

How To Optimize Your Creator Business

Josh Spector advises Tatiana Figueiredo of the businessofcommunity.co on:

► how to better target the messaging on her landing pages,
► what makes a great lead magnet, and
► the 10x pricing model.

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