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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

\”All too often, it is audacity and not talent that moves an artist to center stage.\”

– Julia Cameron

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Jay Clouse: Building a $250k Business in the Creator Economy

Big Ideas:
► Why Jay Clouse thinks he should have focused on Twitter in the beginning.
► Limiting his community to 200 members.
► Half his sales come from Twitter.
► Building sustainable discoverability.
► Selling on social media.
► Start with the platform you enjoy most as a consumer.

via @thetilt



Dan Koe\’s Blueprint for a Successful One-Person Creator Business

\”The internet puts you in indirect contact with 4.5+ billion people.

As much as we don\’t want to accept it, building an audience to display our public value is necessary.\”



Debt to Dollars: $80K Per Year YouTube Channel

\”I make over $80,000/yr from ad revenue generated from my YouTube videos. The majority of my monthly income comes from video tutorials that I created over a year ago! This goes to show how powerful of a passive income outlet YouTube can be. My Patreon, Fiverr, affiliate marketing, and brand deals produce another $102k/yr on top of this.\”

via @ebizfacts



MrBeast\’s $1.5B YouTube empire

\”Today, the creation of popular consumer products often proceeds in the reverse order of operations. Internet influencers build massive followings on social media — in other words, they capture attention — then they go out and create products to sell to that audience.\”



After The Creator Economy PDF

Interesting free ebook on the history and future of the creator economy.



Rob Lennon\’s Creator Business Strategy

\”Content is the currency of the internet. But most creators don\’t know how to monetize it (or themselves)Here\’s a breakdown of my creator business strategy.(Generated $35,000+ in first 3 months and will 10x next year)\”

Your audience then goes from:

• Noticing you
> • to Following you
>> • to Signing up for newsletter
>>> • to Purchasing smaller cost products
>>>> • to Reaching out regarding getting more
>>>>> • to Purchasing higher-ticket offers and services\”



$1.8 Million In Affiliate Sales Of ThriveCart

Here\’s an interesting breakdown of a top affiliate for ThriveCart software. He created a website and content dedicated to promoting ThriveCart and ending up as the top-ranking content.

Big Idea: I haven\’t seen many affiliate marketers niche down to one product like this.



Lessons From 7 Cohort Course Launches

Justin Moore of Creator Wizard shares the history, growth and learning from the 7 iterations of his brand sponsorships course.

Big Ideas:
► Start coaching before creating a course.
► It\’s okay if things don\’t work out in the beginning. His first launch only had 3 sales, the second had 5.
► Doubling the price, more than doubled sales.
► How to pitch sponsors with the R.O.P.E. method.



Master Essential Creator Skills

Here are some more great links I discovered this week.

Landing page essentials – superframeworks

Why you shouldn’t resend to subscribers who didn’t open – beehive via @newlsetters101

Pinterest for SEO traffic – serpstat

How to grow on TikTok – alexfriedman

How to win on YouTube – creativeelements

Josh Spector\’s podcast promotion playbook – joshspector

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