January 11, 2023

No matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.

–  Carol Dweck


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James Clear – Mastering Habits, Growing an Email List to 2M+ Selling 10M+ Books

James Clear, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, is interviewed by Tim Ferriss.

Big Ideas: 
► How to capture ideas as a creator.
► Creating better information flows.
► Do 1 or 2 things a day that will work for you long term.
► Intensive product launches.
► The importance of “thoughtful” outreach.

How TLDR Became a 750k Subscriber $5 Million Newsletter

Great breakdown of how TDLR grew to a 750,000 subscriber daily newsletter making more than $15k per day.

Use LinkedIn to Build Your Career Personal Brand, Not Twitter

“If you’re making content to benefit your career, posting on a website that’s directly linked to your résumé/portfolio makes a whole lotta sense. You’ll want it as close to your résumé/portfolio as possible.”

“Tapping your face takes me directly to your LinkedIn profile, which (hopefully) has your full work experience, a little about you, and a million reasons why you’re a bona fide candidate. It’s the shortest funnel you.”

The Rise of the Influencer-Worker

“Videos about people’s professional lives have become wildly popular across social media, from days-in-the-lives of certain occupations to break downs of the ins-and-outs of a job. Baristas, retail workers, and delivery drivers have become overnight social-media sensations. For some of these creators, their social media side-hustle can start to overtake their actual paychecks, with brands looking to cash in on very specific customer bases.”

Big Idea: Creating content about your job can be very popular.

via @simonowens

Thomas Frank – How I Make Six Figures per Month as a Creator

Nathan Barry interviews Thomas Frank.

“Thomas built a YouTube channel called College Info Geek to over a million subscribers. Since then, he’s rebranded and grown the channel to nearly 3 million subscribers. He’s also built a massive business around courses and Notion templates.”

Big Ideas:
► “The individual creator has so much more opportunity than they did before.” ► “What would you do if you had the skills but no audience and wanted to grow from 0 to 100k on YouTube or a newsletter in 12 months?”
► A viral long-form video can lead to thousands of new subscribers.
► Email has no discovery. You have to have this hub and spoke approach where something with an algorithm is driving discovery for you.

Why Marketers, Creators, and Brands Should Start Using Mastodon

“Why it’s smart from a pure business, marketing, and influence perspective to use Mastodon as soon as possible.”

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Flipping a Website for $238,356 Profit in 2 Years

Mushfiq Sarker of The Website Flip shares his case study of buying and improving a niche website.

The site was purchased for $23,000 and sold 22 months later for $175,000. Adding the net profits over that time, led to a $238,356 gain.

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