How to Become Truly Iconic with Scott McKain

How to Become Truly Iconic with Scott McKain

Chris Ducker interviews author Scott McKain on moving past distinctive to become Iconic. We live in a hyper-competitive world where most competitors are good. How do you become exceptional and really stand out from the competition? Scott explains these 4 factors:

1. Clarity – becoming clear on what you are and what you are not. What is your 6 second phrase?
2. Creativity – creativity comes after clarity. Find the one thing that makes you unique. Something like going to your customer, rather than your customer coming to you is enough.
3. Communication – We are story junkies, but we run from our own stories. We need to communicate our own struggles.
4. Customer Experience Focus – What’s the list of what customers can expect from your company? Are you offering something exceptional?

Scott McKain defines business as when you profitably create experiences so compelling to customers that their loyalty becomes assured. Does your business offer compelling experiences?

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