How Notion Built A $2B SaaS Startup Through Community & Templates

How Notion Built A $2B SaaS Startup Through Community & Templates

This is a comprehensive article with many good insights about the growth of Notion, the “collaboration, productivity, spreadsheet, note-taking, pretty-much-everything SaaS tool.” There are some interesting ideas here: “For most SaaS companies, Excel and Google Sheets are your biggest competitors. This is the “unbundling” of Excel. I’ve linked to the opportunities in unbundling other platforms before. This is a good way to think about potential new business ideas. This is what Notion is doing well from a marketing and growth perspective.

  • They mention the competitors they are replacing right on the site. It is positioning against the incumbents like again Gmail or Duck Duck Go against Google.
  • They integrate with tools people already are using.
  • They have 46k people in their subreddit.
  • They have an ambassador program for power users.
  • They have a great onboarding process depending on your use case.

The article also shows opportunities for Notion to rank in search for competitor comparisons. I’m surprised at how many companies miss this obvious opportunity. via FounderWeekly

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