How Influencers Could Save the Future of Travel

How Influencers Could Save the Future of Travel

With the travel industry still reeling from the coronavirus, this is a great opportunity for travel influencers to help promote the industry.

This is also relevant to local restaurants, live music, and other industries hard hit from the pandemic. Difficult times present opportunities as we figure out a “new normal.

“For travel influencers, the lockdown has provided the opportunity to take a step back from their jet-setting schedules and consider their role in supporting the sector during its rebound. Aside from just reassuring holidaymakers about cleanliness, bloggers can promote more responsible and thoughtful travel with a focus on environmental sustainability and maximizing contributions to local economies, especially in countries hit hardest by the virus. As people look to avoid crowded areas, influencers can help mitigate over-tourism by pushing new, less-traveled locations.”

Business Opportunity: Do you have a platform to promote businesses affected by the coronavirus? Businesses that are suffering now will be much more open to creative proposals.

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