How a Single Medium Article Received 100,000 Views

How a Single Medium Article Received 100,000 Views

While the revenue share of Medium articles may not seem lucrative,  companies can take advantage of search engine optimization to rank highly and get page views.

Casey Botticello reports over 10m views on Medium, so this might be a good place to invest some of your marketing budget.

At an estimated, $15 CPM, Casey might have earned over $150k from his medium articles and they likely drive a lot traffic to his website.

Medium has recently added image alt-text to further improve SEO. If your own site lacks domain authority, it probably wouldn’t hurt to start experimenting on Medium.

Andrew Kamphey says his Medium posts helped get a lot of subscribers for his newsletter. I will definitely be publishing on Medium more in the future.

Here is a comprehensive Medium guide from Buffer if you are interested in researching more.

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