He Watched 50 Hours of MrBeast So You Don’t Have To

Some great ideas to be a better creator in this video.

Big Idea:
Do difficult things!

“Phill has spent over 50 hours studying MrBeast’s channel, breaking down the psychological hacks Jimmy uses to hook viewers, so you don’t have to.

So in this episode you’ll learn:
► The 3 Psychological Biases MrBeast uses most frequently
► Why they work
► And how you can apply them to your own videos”

Here are the 3 Main Biases:
1. Input Bias – The more time and energy you put into something, the more people will value it.
2. Costly Signaling – The more money you spend communicating something, the more people will pay attention.
3. Contrast Effect – You become more watchable by subverting audience expectations.

Other Biases:
4. Loss Aversion – You feel losses more painful than equivalent gains.
5. Curiousity – People are more likely to keep watching if you tease information without revealing the full story.

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