January 18, 2023

Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

–  James Clear



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How Harry Dry Grew to 130k Subscribers With Smart Content Distribution

Chenell Basilo of Growth in Reverse shares how Harry Dry grew his Marketing Examples newsletter to over 130,000 subscribers.

Big Idea: Harry’s content is amazing. He creates unique images that clearly demonstrate the difference between good and bad marketing. More importantly, he is a master at content distribution.

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Tim Stoddart and Ethan Brooks talk about what makes Chenell’s case studies so good. If you are not a subscriber to Growth in Reverse, I highly recommend it. Chenell is doing everything right. Quality long-form content will always find an audience.

10 Content Entrepreneurs Earning $10K month

Here is a summary of 10 creator case studies from StarterStory.com. All are making tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Big Idea: There are riches in niches.

How I Built A $420K/Year Content Business Helping People Make Extra Money

Nick Loper shares how he earns $420k per year from his Side Hustle Nation blog and Side Hustle Show podcast.

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Differentiation: Packy McCormick on Finding your Personal Monopoly

“The only way to really break out as a creator, according to the world’s most successful creator, is by finding your Personal Monopoly. This is true despite, and because of, the fact that there are so many courses, threads, YouTube videos, podcasts, and blog posts about how to become a successful creator. While the nuts and bolts – how to set up a camera, for example – might be useful, the premise is flawed. If you’re following a playbook, you’re already dead.”

Crypto Newsletter Milk Road sells with 250k subscribers

“What do you get when you combine two hot trends—crypto and newsletters—plus two serial entrepreneurs and a tried-and-true playbook? The answer: An email list of 250,000 subscribers and a sale just 10 months after launch.”

The Guide To Non-Linear Newsletter Growth

Dylan Redekop of Growth Currency shares the strategies that have been working to grow his newsletter.

Big Idea: Twitter has been a major growth driver for him, but lead magnets, cross promotions, and republishing on Substack and Medium have also been effective.

The 5 Biggest Creator Entrepreneur Trends in 2023

Vanessa Lau shares the biggest trends for creators including:

► Anti-Hormozi Style: Don’t just copy what works, find your own style
► Anti-Niche: Focusing is good, but differentiate yourself with your own personality and story
► Why now is a great time to do podcasts ► ChatGPT
► Community and Experiences: How the One-to-Many content model is changing to Many-to-Many

How To Build A Thriving Business Around Your Expertise

Josh Spector interviews David C. Baker, “the Leading Authority on Positioning, Reinventing, and Selling Firms in the Creative and Digital Space.”

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