Growing to $18k per Month with Niall Doherty of eBiz Facts

Growing to $18k per Month with Niall Doherty of eBiz Facts

Niall Doherty, a long-time friend of mine and fellow digital nomad, is a great example of the importance of focus in business. His new eBizFacts website is only about 2 years old but reached $18k in monthly income last month. Most of that income is through affiliate sales on his website. You can see all of Niall’s income and expenses over the years on his website. He is very open about his earnings.

I first met Niall in Chiang Mai. At the time, he was traveling around the world without flying. I believe he was arranging for a Korean cargo ship to take him to Japan when we parted ways. You can read about those adventures in his The Cargoship Diaries ebook.

Niall has had modest success blogging about his travels and creating a course on making your first $1k in 3 months. However, it wasn’t until recently that his earnings have really started to explode.

About 2 years ago he stopped his old blog and started eBizFacts. He made a very wise decision to focus on “making money online” for beginners and has been buying and reviewing popular courses in that niche. By spending dozens of hours reviewing popular courses, products, and services, he is a very credible affiliate for those products. Check out his reviews page to see the type of affiliate products he is promoting.

As his website traffic increases over time, this business model is going to be increasingly more profitable for him. The best part is that he doesn’t have any products to deliver or customers to deal with.

If you are early on your journey in online entrepreneurship, I highly recommend Niall’s eBizFacts newsletter.  There are always many interesting ways to start earning online.

Business Opportunity: Niall Doherty’s business model would work very well in a variety of niches. The niche needs a large number of courses and related products with good affiliate commissions.

You could create a weekly newsletter and start doing comprehensive reviews in niches like: nocode websites, SEO, drop services, productized services, email newsletters, social media, etc. Website hosting is ultra-competitive now, but there plenty of niches where this would still work.

It’s not easy putting out the quantity and quality of content that Niall does, but the formula is not complicated. You just need to put in the work.

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