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Matt McGarry shares 3 reasons to start a local newsletter in your city.

“Here are 3 reasons to start a newsletter in your city (before someone else does):

1) Extremely High Engagement ✅

Local newsletters, especially ones promoting upcoming local events, get some of the best CTRs in the industry.

I’ve seen some as high as 30%(!).

Residents open and click to see what they can do in the city that week.

2) Cheap Acquisition ✅

I’ve ran local ads that acquired subscribers for $0.50 or less.

The targeting is obviously easy.

The creative is often simply promoting your content.

Ex: A simple text-based thumbnail saying “5 things to do in [City] this weekend”.

3) Straight-forward Monetization ✅

You don’t need a complex monetization strategy.

Local businesses would love to get in front of 5K-10K+ of potential customers already in their city.”

These are easier sales than enterprise deals.

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