Get Offline for the Big Opportunities

Get Offline for the Big Opportunities

Cole Schafer of HoneyCopy has a couple of interesting posts in his recent newsletter. One is about the opportunities in less glamorous offline businesses. “Entrepreneurs and marketers looking to develop an edge should be spending less time on LinkedIn reading the shitty one-lined daily entries of dipshit thought-leaders and more time speaking with the real hustlers, the blue-collar workers running their own businesses and making the same kind of dough as business executives. “

He also includes the story of the Frito Lay janitor Richard Montañez that responded to the CEO’s request for employees to think more like owners with an idea for spicy Cheetos. His proposal lead to a promotion to vice president of multicultural sales for PepsiCo America. It’s a great example of Hustle.

More examples: Will Peach also talks about the sexiness of unsexy businesses in a recent post. He has a couple of real examples that are worth checking out.

Bonus – Pay attention to the writing style of HoneyCopy. The copywriting is very powerful.

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