Genius Marketing: A crash course in getting press and building links

Genius Marketing: A crash course in getting press and building links

Another great read at MarketingExamples! Here are some really creative ideas from Carrie Rose, of Rise at Seven, for getting press and ultimately backlinks for a massive search engine ranking boost. Check out these ideas that the press loved:

  • matching jumpers for you and your dog this winter
  • A 3-course meal in a tin for hardcore gamers
  • The world’s first Easter egg with a sex toy inside

I love creative ideas like this. This truly is genius marketing.
Check out the examples. It’s worth your time.

Business Opportunity: One unique, publicity generating idea could generate a large amount of press and backlinks that could change the trajectory of your startup growth. It is not something you can rely on, but definitely worth experimenting with.

Also, the source of this article, Harry Dry’s MarketExamples is something to keep a close eye on. He has grown from nothing to 30,000 subscribers in less than a year. He’s been featured on The Hustle and is showing no signs of slowing down. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hits 100,000 subscribers this year.

MarketExamples is a simple, focused idea where you know what it is, just by the name. Each post is clearly presented with lots of images and is always highly valuable. This is what I aspire to with IdeaEconomy.

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