NFT Meaning: What Is An NFT?

Gary Henderson - What is an NFT?

NFT Meaning: What Is An NFT?

“The only NFT guide you’ll need. Learn everything you need to know about “NFTs–what is an NFT, where to buy NFTs, including a list of the top NFT marketplaces, how to create and sell NFTs. Plus, a list of trusted resources to learn more.”

This is one of the better NFT guides I have found. It has many specific examples of projects which will give you a better idea of what is possible.

“The internet is exploding with NFT and crypto-related questions.

The NFT craze is so hot, the term “nft” is currently being searched 1.5 million times a month in Google. 

In February 2022, well over two billion dollars in NFTs sales occurred across the globe. To be exact, according to the reported sales volume for NFTs in February of 2022 is $2,609,959,897.84 USD dollars.

Which is an insane come-up from September 2017, where NFTs totaled $5,154.35 USD in NFT sales for the year.

But why the sudden boom and curiosity in NFTs and crypto? Are NFTs only here for the moment or are NFTs here to stay?

I’m guessing since you’re reading this blog you might have other questions regarding NFTs and crypto.

Maybe questions like…What is an nft? What does nft stand for? Can I make an nft? How to create an nft? Where to buy NFT art? How to sell nft art? How to mint an NFT? Best NFT marketplace?

If you’re a creator, artist, or anyone curious about NFTs, please use this blog as a simple NFT guide to help you become more knowledgeable about NFTs and help you move forward in your NFT journey. “