Forecasting the Future of Tech with Scott Belsky

“How will work and life change in a material way over the next 5 years?”

Interesting discussion on the future of work and technology with Scott Belsky, the founder of Behance.

They discuss some interesting business opportunities and challenges with Web3 and AI.

This is the article that stimulated the discussion.

10 Forecasts For The Near Future Of Tech

  1. Recommendations kills Favorites: AI-driven recommendations transcend our historical go-to’s.
  2. The next generation of top talent will have “Polygamous Careers,” transforming the corporate world as we know it.
  3. The rise of immersive experiences will mainstream 3D creation.
  4. “The Stakeholder Economy” will reinvigorate emerging brands and local businesses and be the most disruptive force against internet behemoths and global marketplaces.
  5. We will all start to OPT-IN for ads [read: personalized experiences].
  6. “F’ The Man, Power To The People” As A Service
  7. Every function of the enterprise will become a multi-player and fully immersive experience.
  8. The next generation will have a nomadic decade of life and work, and will love it.
  9. The reverse franchise model and “eduployment” will fuel growth and resilience of small businesses.
  10. The Era Of Multiple Identities: We Discover, Embrace, & Express Our Multiple Selves