Fake AI Generated Blog Reaches #1 on HackerNews

Fake AI Generated Blog Reaches #1 on HackerNews

You’ve probably noticed GPT-3 in the news recently. If you are not sure what that is, it’s basically artificial intelligence that can “produce human-like text.” This link is about a fake blog that has fooled tens of thousands of readers.

AI in general is predicted to be massively disruptive, but I want to focus on the opportunities for startups. Now that deepfakes are getting much easier  (watch the video!), imagine what is going to happen to website content.

Search for reviews on virtually any product online and you are likely to find long lists of product reviews with Amazon affiliate links outsourced to inexpensive writers that have never tried the product.

What happens when artificial intelligence like GPT-3 starts pumping out that content and we have thousands of virtually indistinguishable pages all fighting to rank in search engines for the same keywords? The internet is going to get a whole lot uglier.

Business Opportunities: Artificial Intelligence is a complex topic. While driverless trucks and automated fast food workers are not opportunities a solopreneur is going to tackle, there are opportunities to help bloggers and entrepreneurs understand and adopt the technology.

  • There will most certainly be productized services that help businesses write content, build backlinks, do social updates, etc. with AI.
  • There will be courses on how to do those services yourself.
  • I also think there is a need for newsletters to explain complex developments in the field to ordinary people. I for one, don’t understand it very well and would like to keep updated.

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