Ex-Ad Agency Owner Reveals the Secrets of Organic Content, Audience Building, and Running an Agency

Interesting conversation on how to build an audience.

Big Ideas:
► Building an audience is the hardest thing he’s done.
► The best followers come from direct engagement.
► Providing valuable content is the best way to build an audience at scale.

“Evan Shank chats with Mitch Wilder, a former Ad Agency Owner who now acquires businesses and accelerates their business and marketing growth. Discover the ins and outs of solopreneurship in this comprehensive guide. We dive deep into the mindset needed for solopreneur success and reveal untold strategies for audience building. Learn how to leverage organic content marketing as your winning move and understand the hidden currency of business: community and connection. Navigate the pitfalls and challenges unique to one-person businesses, and find out why authenticity is your greatest asset. Get tech-savvy with automation tips and uncover the unseen engine of business growth through partnerships.”

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