Essential Startup Skills

Essential Startup Skills

Here are the best links I found this week to level up your online business skills. 

The anatomy of a six-figure email course – Growth Lab

Get Your MBA in SEO with These 10 Guides, 5 Courses, and 1 Tool – Neil Patel

Combine old blog posts into a single powerful traffic generator – Baremetrics

The 100-Page Book: The Business Owner’s Guide to Self-Publishing a Short Customer Attraction Book – 100MBA

Noah Kagan – Getting 142k Subscribers on YouTube + Building An 8-Figure Business – Creator Lab

Earn Press Coverage for Your Brand in 5 Steps [Case Study] –

How to Optimize a SaaS Homepage: Keywords, Linking & More – Search Engine Journal

Spending $400K on Social Media Ads to Build an Empire –  Empire Flippers 

What I Learned from Posting to Linkedin Every Day for a Year – Entrepreneur

The Ultimate Guide to #buildinpublic – Venturism

How To Use Gumroad To Sell Digital Products Online (Gumroad Step By Step Tutorial) -Sean Anthony

Hankering to meet new people? Try one of these virtual networking apps – FastCompany

“Powered by” – An Acquisition Channel Nobody is Talking About – Zero to Users

How I launched a paid newsletter – Lenny Rachitsky

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